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Bella Stone…It’s Vinyl Siding That Looks Like Real Stone

July 27, 2010

The Beauty of Real Stone and Shakes in a Vinyl Product

Vinyl siding has evolved in the thirty plus years I have been in this industry. In its infancy you saw vinyl siding products in basic white a two profiles. Then along came a few color options but one common problem among manufacturers remained. How to control the chemical process to keep the material flexible over time especially when subjected to extreme sun or winter cold?

As a result vinyl siding was considered to be fragile and easily damaged up until the last ten years or so. Through advances in technology all manufacturers have created much better products to the extent that most modern product now carry a limited lifetime warranty. When you combine that fact with the vast array of products and colors now available it is not hard to see why modern vinyl siding products have become a best value in many markets.

To illustrate how vast your choices have become, I am going to give you a breakdown of all the available products from one prominent manufacturer. I think you will be surprised to learn they even offer a very realistic cultured stone look in an insulated vinyl product that is very do-it-yourself friendly and looks amazingly realistic.

The vinyl siding manufacture I am going to feature here is the Exterior Portfolio by Crane. In this product line description I will start with the most unique products and work my way to the most basic. In the Exterior Portfolio by Crane the first product line I will cover is their newest.

Bella Stone® is the first architecturally correct looking stone finish I have ever seen in a vinyl product, an insulated vinyl product at that. It comes to you in panels of varied sizes and mounts with a simple starter strip and clip system similar to many other vinyl sidings. What makes it unique is that it has a full line of accessories including a joint filler and aggregate that you place on the joints to make them disappear. It can be cut from the back to form its own corners or the manufacturer sells a complete corner system as well water tables and window sill pieces unique to their system. I have been amazed at the natural look and ease of installation. This system is perfect for anyone looking for the beauty of natural stone at a fraction of the cost and effort to install. Bella Stone® also compliments this system with a package designed to create a stone base and finish cap for your exterior columns.

The Beauty of Stone but DIY Friendly

Next let’s talk about the Portsmouth Shake® Since the shake look has become a staple on most new homes it is no wonder that the Exterior Portfolio by Crane offers seven different styles. Whether you are looking for the natural beauty of Hand Split Shakes, the more rugged look of Hand Split Variegated Shakes, or the longer profile of the Staggered Shake they have your product and color. Each these products come in a more uneven rough split appearance. If you are looking for something a little more refined then Cedar Shake, Perfections Shake, or 8’ long Shake Sections should be more to your liking. These products display the look of a sawn wood shingle with a more evenly matched edge profile. Rounding out the line in a literal sense would be the Traditional Half Rounds. So you see no matter what style shake best suits your project you are sure to find the perfect answer here.

The last product series I am going to detail here is the Oracle™ Insulated vinyl siding series. Oracle comes in either a Quad 4” Clapboard or a Triple 4.5” Dutchlap profile. It boasts up to a 4.0 R value and a 45% noise reduction. It has a 17% better resistance to air infiltration than their standard products and a 300% increase in impact resistance.

Now there is still a vast array of more traditional siding products to be discovered by a visit to the Crane web site and I would also encourage you to check out CertainTeed’s web site as they have an equally diverse selection of quality products. As I have said in several places on this site before. I will only recommend to my readers products that I have great first hand experience with.

I will round out the rest of the product lines in full detail at my web site where I encourage you browse for details on any home building or home remodeling subject. I will also provide you with a direct link to the Crane web site including its exclusive visual design center where you can place their siding on an image of your home.

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